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Colorbond is a type of steel manufactured in New South Wales and used across Australia. This pre-painted steel material is popular among homeowners and commercial and industrial entities because of its durability.

Colorbond makes fencing materials, as well as:

  • Roofs
  • Gutters
  • Gates
  • Dam pipes

But who manufactures Colorbond?

The company behind this construction material is BlueScope. It guarantees that Colorbond complies with the applicable Australian Standards.

Below are some facts about what you didn't know about Colorbond.

What Are Some of Colorbond's Finishes?

The specific Colorbond coating will meet your needs based on your building's purpose. Different Colorbond Finishes benefit your home or entity's perfect ambiance, durability, and beauty.

The table below shows several Colorbond finishes and their significance.

Colorbond colours

Colorbond Finish




To weather Australia's distinctive landscape

It gives off a low-sheen aesthetic


To soften and diffuse reflected light for a tactile appearance

It provides an upscale aesthetic


Color brilliance

It provides a unique aesthetic

Ultra steel

To endure in a maritime environment

It is resilient in a severe environment

Coolmax steel

To reduce cooling costs

It decreases the impact of the urban heat island

Inframax steel

To offer cold storage

It creates a regulated atmosphere


The specific Colorbond finish relies on the following factors:

  • Colors
  • Level of insulation
  • Location and purpose of your building

So, you should speak with your provider to choose the Colorbond that meets your specific needs.

Colorbond Is Ideal for Fencing and Roofing

Choosing Colorbond for your fencing and roofing makes sense. It’s great whether you want to use them at your home, business, or industrial institution. You'll possess a stunning, durable, and simple-to-maintain roof or fence.

It will provide you with 22 colors for fencing, which you can match to the colors of your building. You can mix the colors however you like.

You'll have the following options thanks to Colorbond:

  • Bold colors
  • Light and dark colors
  • Cool and warm colors

Your home or business will look fantastic with the designs, panel types, and sleek lines of Colorbond. The fact that it is not just about how the fence looks is the finest part.

Besides, your fence will be long-lasting.

Colorbond has 22 standard colors for roofing. This provides a variety of options from which you can select one specifically or even combine them:

  • Fascia
  • Gutter
  • Downpipe

On hot, bright days, the thermally efficient color combinations will relieve your stress. It's because they are effective in regulating temperatures.

Get the Desired Purpose of Your Fence and Roof

BlueScope is a terrific partner if you're a homeowner or a businessperson. It produces Colorbond based on technology and aesthetics to satisfy the unique requirements of your home or business.

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